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Hi - just received my four films back developed and printed only 2 days after posting !! I had these lying in a drawer for more than 20 years - 2 exposed and unknown, a 3rd partially shot in a point and shoot camera, and a 4th unexposed. I fixed a new set of light seals in my Canon A1 and ran the old film thru to check and delighted with results ( shift to green tinge but that’s not important) I’ll get some new film and try some more contemporary shots - great service !!

24th August 2022

Really great service, could not believe the turnaround time. I will not use anyone else now. Many thanks.

12th August 2022

Brilliant service everytime I use them for my sports photos ,best around ,always willing to help.great friendly staff.

10th August 2022

I have used Photo Express for all my film development/scanning over the last few years. Every time has been perfect. They seem to process the vast majority or orders within a couple of hours of receiving the film and do a great job every time. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

21st July 2022

Developed my 25 year old films within 24 hours ! Fabulous service and absolutely delighted with results. Would most definitely recommend.

20th May 2022

I have just received my order from 3 old disposable cameras. The service was outstanding - very fast and nice service over the phone. I was really happy with the results especially as the expiry date of the cameras was 2 years old! Thank you for your magic

9th May 2022