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These are just some of the very kind comments sent to us via e-mail or to our Facebook page. Thank you to all contributors.

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I've been using Photo Express for my C41 processing for about 10 years. They provide an unfailingly excellent service. I recommend them to anyone, whether pro, keen amateur or passing snapper. The prices are reasonable, the turnaround is very fast (usually get the negs/CD back 2 days after posting, sometimes 3) and the quality is outstanding. I sometimes shoot dark, eg dusk or night-time urban shots, and they don't scan to avoid black, which would make the pictures lose their intended look. I really appreciate their tolerance of that quirk of mine! Comms are also excellent. A couple of times I've got my payment wrong (once through not spotting a price rise, once through paying for more films than I sent) and they were very nice about it, telling me to adjust the payment next time. A really good team, top quality and service, and I'm delighted to see they are still here despite the difficult year we've all had!

25th January 2021

Very friendly fast service. Straightforward system for sending in a disposable camera. Only charged half price as not all the film was used which was great and really cheap p&p charges. Good quality pictures. From posting to receiving pictures it took 4 days. Thank you very impressed.

21st January 2021

Thank you for a great service! Finally we have 27 rolls of APS format in digital format. This firm is working very fast, providing regular updates. And they send back the cartridges, which many other companies wouldn't do.

21st January 2021

brilliant photos and excellent service ' I was desperate for some photos as I could not get what I wanted ' I called kodak shop chants ave lady explained what I had to do and within 20mins I had what I wanted ' 2 beautiful beautiful photos of my partners mum who had just passed ' after sitting with her for 2 weeks 24/7 ' my partner was over the moon with emotion xx thankyou

20th January 2021

Wow !! Such quick service. Would 100% recommend if you are a student who can't currently develop at uni/college due to covid. Great communication and the price is so reasonable!!! 10/10

8th January 2021

What a very professional company and they give you the personal touch. I enquired about do they sell films? They sent on a separate compliment slip with my processed film, a hand written note that told me how much the films were and also how much I would have to add to the cost of my return postage. The CD was easy to load and excellent service, despite this Covid. I will be using them from now on.

6th January 2021