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Film & Disposable Cameras

35mm Colour Film Developing

Our most popular services are developing plus scan/digitise (see film scanning page for options) without having prints made (£7.00 per film), films developed and printed to 6x4 size (£7.50 for 24's and £9.00 for 36's) or having films printed and scanned to CD/USB (£10.50 for 24's and £12.00 for 36's). Return First Class postage and packing is £3.00 for the entire order. The prices for all our services are on our price list.

If you just want the negatives developing, with no prints or scans, the cost is £4.00 per film.


Disposable Cameras

Disposable cameras usually contain standard 35mm films so we treat them just the same. A 27 exposure camera is priced the same as a 24 exposure film and a 39 exposure camera the same as a 36 exposure film. When sending in to us it's best to send the complete camera as you may damage the film if you try and remove it.

If you haven't yet used your camera, please remember to use the flash for indoor photo's. This is especially relevant for weddings or other events, please remind the guests to put the flash on before taking pictures.


Old Films

We get lots of enquiries regarding films that have been found in drawers and attics. We often receive films up to twenty years old and where possible we try and compensate for any discolouration or graininess during the printing or scanning stage, but if there are no images on the film then we don't charge anything so it's always worth sending them to us.


APS Films

These films have not been manufactured for a number of years but there are still plenty around and we still develop them. To develop and print is £7.50 for a 25 exposure film and £9.00 for a 40 exposure film. A very popular service is scanning previously developed APS films to CD which costs just £3.50 per film for all lengths. You can send your own USB if you prefer that to a CD or we can provide a USB for a one off cost of £6.00.

These films have an indicator at one end of the cartridge which should tell you if the film is unused, used but never developed, or already developed. Please check before sending, or give us a call and we can advise you.    

IMPORTANT: Orders are stored on our hard drive for approximately one week, so if you haven't had your order back within 4-5 days of posting please contact us immediately so we can lock the order and reprint or rescan if necessary.


B&W Films, Slide Films (E6 process), Medium Format (120), 110, 126 & Disc

Sorry but we don't develop any of these (except B&W films marked as C41 process), although we can scan or print previously developed 35mm B&W negatives.