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Film Scanning

Undeveloped films, Disposable cameras to CD or USB

If you have undeveloped 35mm colour negative films, disposable cameras, or APS film that you only want scanning to CD with no prints then the cost is just £7.00 per film or camera plus p&p. This includes developing the negatives and scanning to CD (provided by us). Negatives and CD will be returned to you, and an index print with thumbnail images is also supplied. 

Our standard scan resolution of 35mm films is approximately 2040 x 3070 ppi which will give an opened file size of around 18mb per image. This means that any prints made from the scans will be the same quality as printing from the negatives. Or we can make High Resolution scans for an extra £5.00 per film. The high res scan is approximately 4000 x 6000 ppi giving an opened file size of 69mb per image.

As we use Digital Ice scanning technology any dust on the surface of the negatives is automatically removed to give a clean sharp scan.

We do not develop 120, E6, or B&W films (except C41 B&W). We also do not develop Disc, 110 or 126 cartridge films, nor do we push/pull process.

(Please note: Jpeg's are compressed files and the file sizes quoted are for the opened uncompressed files. As with all jpeg images, your computer viewing software will  normally show the compressed file size, which is smaller than the open file, as you hover your mouse over the image. When opened individually the image file size will show the actual uncompressed size of 18mb for 35mm scans. Scans from half frame films will be smaller in size, relative to the negative size).


35MM Negatives to CD or USB

Once 35mm negatives are cut into strips then the task of scanning to CD becomes more time consuming. To scan strips of negatives at standard resolution, the cost is £9.50 per 40 images. Negatives don't have to be complete sets but we will scan every image supplied and we don't mind if they are well organised in sets or just bundled together. We cannot scan or print negatives if cut into single frames.

The scan resolution of 35mm negatives is approximately 2040 x 3070 which will give an opened file size of around 18mb per image. We also offer a very high resolution scan  of 69mb per image, the cost for this is £14.50 per 40 images.

As above, we use Digital Ice scanning technology to remove dust particles and finger prints on the surface of the negatives.


APS Films to CD or USB

We can scan your previously developed APS films to CD for just £3.50 per film, regardless of number of exposures. We can put approximately 300 images on each CD and if you have a preference as to which films are on each CD just list the film ID numbers accordingly. Each film will be in its own folder and an index print with thumbnail images is also supplied. Films are always returned to you.

The images are saved in jpeg format at a resolution of approximately 1394 x 2444 giving an opened file size of around 10.3mb per image. Or, we can now also scan at an even higher resolution of 2700 x 4700 (37mb per image when open) for a cost of £8.50 per film.


Scanning to USB

If you would prefer to have the images scanned to your own USB you are welcome to send one with your order, just tick “USB” in the “Contents of your order” section of the order form, and also “USB (own enclosed) in the “Scanning” section of the order form, so that we know you have included your own USB. Alternatively, we can provide a 4GB USB at a cost of £6.00, this can be requested by ticking the “USB (Supply)” box in the “Scanning” section of the Order form.



Upload to Dropbox

For those of you who can't wait to see your images or want to share them as soon as possible, we can upload your images to Dropbox for just £5.00 per order. Just tick the option on the order form and we will provide a link the same day the order is complete. You don't need a Dropbox account, the images can easily be downloaded from the supplied link, and the link is accessible for a month. Please note, even if you don't require your images scanned to a CD or USB and only want the Dropbox upload, we still have to scan the images and that is what the scanning charge is for, the Dropbox upload is an extra on top of develop and scan. If you only want develop, scan, and Dropbox upload and don't want your negatives returning, please tick the “no postal returns” box, and you won't then have any return postage costs.



IMPORTANT: Orders are stored on our hard drive for approximately one week, so if you haven't had your order back within 4-5 days of posting please contact us immediately so we can lock the order and reprint or rescan if necessary.